Portable Washing Machine Repair

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Appliances Fix Dubai is the top choice for portable washing machine repair services in Dubai. We specialize in maintenance, installation, and repair of all types and brands of washing machines. If you’re experiencing issues with your portable washing machine such as problems with spinning, electrical issues, drum malfunctions, or any other concerns, contact us at 0588997516. Our professional team will promptly assist you at your location in Dubai.

Our Portable Washing Machine Repair Services

Diagnostic Inspection: 

At Appliances Fix Dubai, we conduct comprehensive assessments to identify and diagnose issues accurately with your portable washing machine, ensuring a thorough understanding of the problem.

Drain Pump and Hose Repair :

Expert repair of clogged or damaged drain pumps and hoses at Appliances Fix Dubai to restore proper water drainage, preventing future water flow issues.

Motor and Belt Replacement :

Appliances Fix Dubai offers skilled replacement of faulty motors or belts to restore optimal functionality to your portable washing machine, ensuring reliable performance.

Electrical Component Check :

Thorough inspection and repair of electrical components for safe and efficient operation by Appliances Fix Dubai, ensuring your machine operates at peak efficiency.

Drum Alignment and Maintenance :

Appliances Fix Dubai provides precise adjustment and maintenance of the drum to ensure smooth and balanced spinning, prolonging the life of your washing machine

Brands We Repair

  • Panda
  • Haier
  • Magic Chef
  • Giantex
  • Costway
  • and more

Why Choose Appliances Fix Dubai for Your Portable Washing Machine Repair Service in Dubai








Why Choose Appliances Fix Dubai for Your Portable Washing Machine Repair Service in Dubai 0588997516

Portable Washing Machine Repair Cost in Dubai

Repair costs for portable washing machines in Dubai typically range from AED 100 to AED 500, depending on the complexity of the issue and parts needed. Contact Appliances Fix Dubai at 0588997516 to get affordable free quote today!

Signs Your Portable Washing Machine Needs Repair Service

  • Water Leakage: Puddles around the machine may indicate issues with the inlet hose or drain pump.
  • Noise During Operation: Unusual sounds such as grinding or squealing can signify motor or bearing problems.
  • Drum Issues: Difficulty spinning or imbalance during cycles could indicate issues with the drum or belt.
  • Electrical Problems: Issues with power supply, control panel malfunction, or electrical shorts affecting operation.
  • Incomplete Cycles: Failure to complete cycles or clothes not coming out clean may point to underlying mechanical issues.

Best Portable Washing Machine Repair Service in Dubai – 0588997516:

For the best portable washing machine repair service in Dubai, rely on Appliances Fix Dubai. Our skilled technicians specialize in diagnosing and repairing portable washing machines to ensure they operate efficiently and reliably. Contact us at 0588997516 to schedule a repair service and experience our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Trust Appliances Fix Dubai for expert repairs of your portable washing machine.

Maintenance Tips for Portable Washing Machines:

  1. Clean the Filter Regularly: Check and clean the lint filter after each use to maintain proper water drainage.
  2. Balance Loads: Distribute clothes evenly in the drum to prevent imbalance and reduce strain on the machine.
  3. Use Appropriate Detergent: Use detergent suitable for portable washing machines to avoid excessive suds and ensure effective cleaning.
  4. Inspect Hoses and Connections: Regularly check hoses for leaks and ensure all connections are secure to prevent water leakage.
  5. Clean the Drum: Wipe down the interior of the drum with a damp cloth to remove detergent residue and maintain cleanliness.
  6. Check and Maintain Electrical Components: Ensure switches and controls are functioning properly and keep the control panel clean.
  7. Level the Machine: Ensure the washing machine is placed on a level surface to prevent vibrations during operation.
  8. Run Maintenance Cycles: Periodically run maintenance cycles with hot water and vinegar to clean the drum and remove odors.
  9. Store Properly: When not in use, store the portable washing machine in a dry and well-ventilated area to prevent mold and mildew growth.
  10. Professional Servicing: Schedule regular servicing by professionals to inspect and maintain the machine’s mechanical and electrical components


At Appliances Fix Dubai, we proudly serve a wide range of areas across Dubai with our expert portable  washing machine repair services. Whether you’re in bustling Downtown Dubai, vibrant Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), or the upscale community of Emirates Hills, our skilled technicians are ready to provide prompt and reliable repairs for your portable washing machine. From the historic district of Deira to the modern developments of Dubai Marina and beyond, we ensure your appliance operates at its best. If your area isn’t listed, please contact us to inquire about service availability—we’re committed to meeting your needs wherever you are in Dubai. Contact us today at 0588997516 to schedule your repair service and experience our commitment to excellence in every neighborhood of Dubai

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Appliances Fix Dubai, your trusted partner for appliance repair services in Dubai, is here to help with all your portable washing machine repair needs. Contact us today at 0588997516 for professional and reliable repair services delivered to your doorstep. Visit our main page on Washing Machine Repair for more information.

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